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The UGC has established the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) as an independent entity under section 12(ccc) of its Act in September 1994, with the purpose of overseeing the standards of Higher Educational Institutions. In a bid to enhance the quality of these institutions, NAAC has formulated guidelines for the establishment of internal Quality Assurance Cells (IQACs) within Higher Educational Institutions, serving as a post-accreditation measure for sustaining quality. Following NAAC's directives, the NSUT-IQAC came into existence in 2015.

Given that the pursuit of quality enhancement is a continuous endeavour, the IQAC will seamlessly integrate itself into the institution's fabric and diligently work towards fulfilling the goals of elevating and upholding quality standards. The core responsibility of the IQAC entails constructing a mechanism that facilitates purposeful, consistent, and transformative improvements in the overall performance of the institution.


The IQAC strives to lead our institution towards a dynamic realm of academic brilliance, research innovation, and societal impact. We are committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, where quality benchmarks guide our endeavors, and innovation propels our progress. Through collaborative engagement and visionary leadership, we aim to position our institution as a global frontrunner in education, research, and holistic development, making a meaningful contribution to the betterment of individuals and society."

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The IQAC will develop strategies and protocols to achieve the following objectives:

    1. Facilitating prompt, effective, and forward-moving execution of academic, administrative, and financial responsibilities

    2. Upholding the significance and excellence of academic and research initiatives.

    3. Ensuring fair availability and affordability of academic programs to diverse societal segments.

    4. Incorporating and harmonizing contemporary techniques of teaching and learning.

    5. Maintaining the integrity of evaluation methodologies.

    6. Securing the sufficiency, upkeep, and effectiveness of support infrastructure and services.

    7. Promoting research collaboration and global networking with institutions both within India and internationally.

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Function :

The IQAC is anticipated to carry out several functions, including:

    1. Creating and implementing standards or criteria for evaluating the quality of academic and administrative functions within the institution.

    2. Cultivating an environment centered on learners, promoting quality education, and supporting faculty growth to embrace necessary knowledge and technology for interactive teaching and learning processes.

    3. Establishing mechanisms to gather feedback from students, parents, and other stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes.

    4. Sharing information about diverse quality measures in higher education.

    5. Arranging workshops and seminars within the institution and with other institutions to discuss quality-related topics and fostering quality circles.

    6. Documenting various programs and activities aimed at enhancing quality.

    7. Serving as a central unit within the institution to coordinate activities related to quality, including adopting and disseminating best practices.

    8. Developing and managing an institutional database through Management Information Systems (MIS) to uphold and enhance institutional quality.

    9. Instilling a culture of quality throughout the institution.

   10. Preparing the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) in accordance with NAAC guidelines and parameters, to be submitted to NAAC.


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Message from Director

As we continue our journey towards academic excellence and continuous improvement, I am pleased to address the NSUT fraternity regarding the vital role of our Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in ensuring and enhancing the quality of education and all related processes within our institution.

The IQAC of Netaji Subhas University of Technology has been established with the fundamental objective of fostering a culture of quality consciousness, assessment, and enhancement across all facets of our university. In this pursuit, it collaborates closely with all stakeholders, from students and faculty to administrators and support staff. Our collective commitment to quality assurance serves as a cornerstone for sustainable growth and development.

Quality assurance is not merely a compliance exercise; it is a mindset that reflects our dedication to delivering the best possible educational experience to our students. It requires us to engage in regular introspection, benchmarking against industry best practices, and the implementation of innovative approaches that address emerging challenges. By working together and pooling our insights, we can create an environment that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and holistic development.

I urge all departments and units to actively engage with the IQAC in its endeavors. Let us be proactive in submitting timely and accurate data, participating in assessment processes, and taking ownership of the improvement plans that emerge. By doing so, we contribute not only to our institutional growth but also to the personal and professional growth of our students.

In this era of dynamic change, the role of IQAC becomes even more crucial. Our commitment to quality will enable us to adapt and thrive, ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared to navigate the challenges of their chosen fields and contribute meaningfully to society.

I extend my sincere appreciation to the members of the IQAC for their dedication and hard work. Their efforts empower us to maintain the highest standards of education and service.

Let us all remember that the pursuit of quality is an ongoing journey, not a destination. Together, we shall continue to raise the bar, surpass our own achievements, and build a legacy of excellence.


Warm regards,

Prof. Jyotsna Singh

Dr. Jyotsna Singh Director,

IQAC Netaji Subhas University of Technology, Sector 3, Dwarka, New Delhi -110078


Incentives Schemes and Awards

Research and Patent Awards

To celebrate excellence in research, Research Awards (Outstanding/Premier/Commendable) are given to researchers whose research papers are published in distinguished journals. ‘Patent Award’ (Premier/Commendable) is given to faculty members and students to recognize and appreciate the publishing of patents by them.

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