Sanjay Kumar Chak

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  • Profile
  • QualificationsB.E. (Mech. Engg.) , M.Tech. (Manufacturing Science), Ph. D. (Production Engineering)
  • DesignationProfessor
  • DivisionManufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering

  • Developed a research laboratory for “Electro Chemical Discharge Machining Process” in the department, project sponsored by D.S.T. titled, “Influence of Process Parameters in Electro Chemical Spark Machining”. Worked as Principal Investigator of the Project.
  • Established a “Centre for Rapid Prototyping & Product Development”, first of its kind Lab. by procuring and establishing a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) machine with CAD software’s.
  • Developed “Kinematics & Dynamics of Machinery” laboratory in the department by procuring and establishing Lab. Apparatus / Equipments etc.
Areas of Interest
  • Unconventional Machining Processes (EDM/ECM/ECDM/ECAM)
  • Micromachining
  • Additive Manufacturing


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