AV Muley

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  • Profile
  • QualificationsB.E, M.E, PhD (IIT Delhi)
  • DesignationAssociate Professor
  • DivisionManufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering
  • Contact No.011-25000192
  • E-Mailavmuley2000@yahoo.com


Dr A. V. Muley is Associate Professor at the Division of Manufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering. He has done his PhD from IIT Delhi in the area of Nano Composites. He has published several papers in journals and conferences. In his 20 years of teaching experience he has taught various subject at UG and PG level.

Areas of Interest

Composite materials, Nano composites, Hybrid composites, Tribology of composite materials, Production and Industrial Engineering.

List of Publications:

1) A.V. Muley, S. Aravindan, I. P. Singh,” Nano and hybrid aluminum based metal matrix composites: an overview”, Manufacturing Rev. 2015, 2, 15

2) A.V. Muley, S. Aravindan, I. P. Singh, “ Mechanical and tribological studies on nano particles reinforced hybrid aluminum based composite”, Manufacturing Rev. 2015, 2, 26

3) Jayant K. Jha, A. V. Muley, “Polymer matrix nanocomposite; Processing , Challenges and Application”,  International conference on innovative research on mechanical, materials, industrial, automotive, aeronautical and nano- technology, (MIANT-2018), Jawaharlal Nehru University, NewDelhi, 29th April, 2018.

4) Abhshek Kumar Singh, S.K.Jha, A.V.Muley, “ Candidate selection using artificial neural network technique in a pharmaceutical industry” International conference on innovative computing and communication. Springer sponsored conference.  5-6  May 2018, Guru Nanak Institute of Management New Delhi.